This page contains the files of dialogue for every show that has been featured on this blog.  Files I have compiled have the following format:

  • every line of dialogue on a discrete line
  • every line of dialogue preceded by a line that is the name of the character who is speaking in all caps, followed by a colon
  • a line containing the episode title and the episode’s writers separating different episodes
  • no non-dialogue text (ex. no descriptions of onscreen action or descriptions of character movement)

The files I have compiled are here for others to freely use.  I only ask that if you do use these files and post your findings anywhere, please cite this blog/include a link. Thanks and enjoy!

Steven Universe


The file for Steven Universe was adapted from the transcripts made available at the Steven Universe Wiki. The format follows the methods described above. Song lyrics were removed from the main file as there is no guarantee that the writer of each song is the same as the writer of the episode it appears in.  Other files used in the analysis of Steven Universe are the list of characters Steven_Universe_Characters and the list of episodes and their respective writers Steven_Universe_Episode_Titles. These files are up-to-date as of June 4, 2018, containing all of the series up to the episode “A Single Pale Rose.”