char_dia function


This function is meant to take advantage of the fact that 1) the names that signify who is speaking are in all caps, and 2) a colon separates the name from the line of dialogue that character speaks.  Initially conds_list is in the format that every line is either the title of an episode, or the name of the character speaking and their line dialogue. First all lines that are either a title of an episode, or have the name that was input in it is selected for, joined together, and then split by colons, separating out the all caps names from the dialogue.  ‘char’ selects for lines that the character’s name in all caps appears, but is not an episode title, and this is removed from the list of dialogue. Every title is then replaced by the string ‘\e’ to use as a custom newline character, the main list is joined together, and then split again by the ‘\e’ string, resulting in a list where every element is the character’s dialogue from a single episode after removing leftover empty elements and ‘\e’s.