Steven Universe


Steven Universe is a show on Cartoon Network created by Rebecca Sugar. The show follows the titular character Steven as he learns to control his magic abilities he inherited from his mother, a gem named Rose.

Gem Glow, episode 1 of season 1, aired November 4, 2013, and as of May 7, 2018, 144 episodes of the show have been released across five seasons.  142 of these episodes are 10-11 minutes long, and two episodes are about 20 minutes long.

The file used for the following posts include up to season 5, episode 18. Looking for the text files for Steven Universe? Go to the ‘Files’ tab on the dropdown menu at the top right of the page.

Who Talks the Most?

An extensive look at which characters in Steven Universe have spoken the most in regard to the entire show and at a per-episode rate. Read post.



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